How can I heal thee? Let me count thy ways…


About Me


Writer – Therapist – Skier – Business Owner

I am the owner of The Counselling Group and I have been a Therapist for over 25 years — and I love it! It is the best job in the world. Helping people heal, getting them through tough times, or helping them achieve their next goal…it is all very rewarding. Marry this with my keen eye and my desire to write, voila! Blogs, photographs, and much more as I share my own challenges and as I walk with others on their journey. Whatever the modality, my commitment is still the same:

“Let all those who come leave better and happier”

– Mother Teresa

Feel free to contact me at (604)244-6969 


We all learn differently, so we all heal differently.

My goal is to provide as many different mediums as possible to reach as many people as possible. Click here to peruse my publication: Mind Your Madness

As an avid advocate for combining exercise and being outdoors, I write about my ski adventures and other outdoor activities.

For those who like to read or watch movies, I recommend books and movies that target particular issues.

Interested in real people who inspire others? Read my interviews.

And of course as a therapist, I write regularly about the issues that we all face in life.