Big Girls Panties – Review

BIG GIRL PANTIES , by Stephanie Evanovich


Wow, I bet already a few of you are already running out to get it 🙂   I loved this novel because the writer kept me engaged and it was an easy read.  I enjoy a book that is hard to put down and distracts me from my busy life: a nice time out, invested in the plot and involved in the character’s lives and the outcome.  But even more so,  from a therapist’s perspective this novel addressed many important issues:  death (the main character is recently widowed); eating disorders (food as comfort); society’s beauty norms; love and relationships.

As cautioned above to my younger readers, or to those of you who don’t want to wake up the sleeping giant, there are a couple of steamy sex scenes.  Although I think this particular book could have done without them so that more of the population could read this novel and benefit from it, I did enjoy those bits myself. No worries, it isn’t another Fifty Shades of Grey copycat.  Just a novel that happens to describe in great detail a couple of the adventures the characters get involved in.  Enjoy Holly as you join her in her journey of self discovery after the death of her husband.  Equally enjoy Logan and the cultural dilemma he finds himself in . . . and whether he gets out of it.