Forever, Interrupted – Review

FOREVER, INTERRUPTED, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

No one escapes loss.  We all experience it.  So why do we avoid it, deny it, or simply just become captive by it?  Because it’s hard, that’s why.  And it hurts.

This novel is a light read, but kept me engaged.  It is a story of loss.  A story of love.  A story of two women who help each other with their grieving.  Elsie has lost her husband after only nine days of marriage.  Her mother-in-law also lost her husband.  Now they only have each other.

If you are ready to look at your loss, if you want to connect with a woman in her grieving process for kindred comfort and for some ideas on how to move on yourself, this book may be for you.  If you have had a recent loss, it may be overwhelming at times and hard to face.  However, it is a story of hope.  And hope is important because everyone dies, no one escapes it.  So if we are able, why not attempt to find some hope to anchor ourselves in?  A reason to get up and live again.  And then maybe someday, maybe, we can be the one helping another behind us when loss grips them.