Where To Invade Next – Michael Moore documentary

Way to go Michael! Another fantastic film that is a must see for all.

As an avid believer that travel is an excellent source of education, films are the next best option to getting on a plane. Michael Moore’s newest documentary is no exception. He does an excellent job of taking us around the world and exposing us to the advantages that many other countries have to offer.

In this film, we get to visit and experience: Italy – more sex, happier, and more paid vacation; France – gourmet school lunches, and, abstinence is NOT sex education; Finland – no homework and 3-4 hour school days: Slovenia – free university for all; Germany – doctor’s note for a free 3 week stay to a spa; Portugal – decriminalizes all drugs; Norwayactual rehabilitation in its prison system, Tunisia – its strongly progressive women’s policy; and Iceland – its strong female presence in business (“once you have 3 women in the boardroom-culture changes!”).

Trust me people, this is a must see!! It can be a little slow, and a little long, and WELL worth it!! Watch it and hang in there, and you too will have a different perspective and much to offer in your next social conversation.