The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

Considering that this book is the author’s first thriller — she has done a fabulous job! It is a who-dunnit that keeps you reading long after your bedtime as it is hard to put down.

What I like about the book from a psychological perspective is the focus on alcoholism. How a series of events can lead to using alcohol to handle the pain and disappointments of life. For anyone who has misused alcohol or has been close to someone who has, the ongoing dilemma the main character has racking her brain for memories that aren’t quite there due to blackouts will be scarily familiar.

I found the novel to be very true-to-life as it puts out there various characters’ extreme circumstances that really can happen to any of us given the perfect storm. It is a great read and I enjoyed how the author wrote the majority of the book from the perspective of a girl travelling back and forth into London on the train — and what she sees as she passes by the familiar scenes each day.