As a Christian and as a person who cares about the less fortunate, I truly enjoy doing mission work, both locally and abroad.

Locally: Mission work can happen right here at home, by giving time and energy to those who cannot do for themselves. At any given time, I am involved in local projects and individuals on a volunteer basis.

Abroad: Mission work can also happen abroad, which I have been fortunate enough to do in Bucharest, Romania as well as Liberia, Africa.


For two years in a row I served the people of Romania — a country still recovering from the traumatic dictatorship of almost twenty years ago. I offered counselling to the residents, training to the health care workers, and gave seminars.

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As we are all aware, Africa is a war-torn continent with many needs. A caring local doctor, Dr. Lourens Perold, heads up a team of volunteers each year to provide medical care to an area in Africa. 

I had the privilege of joining Dr. Perold and others in March of 2010. A caring team of doctors, nurses and various volunteers came together to provide care in a community near Paynesville, Liberia. During their stay over 1800 people were able to receive free medical care! For specific information on this area, visit

When Dr. Perold was asked why he does this each year, he responded: “The reason I’m there is quite simple: A grateful heart pushes me to follow in the footsteps of Jesus – trying to do my bit in Africa where there is a whole pile of brokenness, and Liberia is one big chunk in that pile. Lord make me an instrument of your peace – where there is sadness let me sow joy!”

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2017            Whensday Ski Dates, ProView BC Magazine     

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2016     White Rock Business Improvement Association, Board Member for the 2016 – 2018 term                       

2010     Liberia, Africa, Medical missions team that provided free medical care to over 1800 people

2006 & 2007     Bucharest, Romania, Provided free counselling services to individuals, as well as seminars and training to employees of humanitarian organizations two years in a row.

2004 – 2008       Surrey Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Board Member                                 

1992     White Rock Hospice, Reception and completion of volunteer training program