What Alice Forgot

WHAT ALICE FORGOT by Liane Moriarty

Who should read this book?  Everyone who wants a good read.  A very engaging story and worth the distraction from life (isn’t that why we read?).  Also, anyone who is married and wishes they weren’t, or are recently separated and wondering if they have made the right decision.  You should read this.  It may help.  Or it may change your mind.  Or it may give you some perspective.  There is also a good side story within for people who have had a hard time conceiving their own child.  A unique struggle all unto itself, infertility is.

What Alice Forgot is an interesting read because it begins with a woman who has a fall and instantly loses ten years of her memory.  Imagine backing up ten years ago in your own life, with the thoughts and maturity (or lack thereof!) that you had back then, but you are living now in your present circumstances.  You don’t know who people are that were born in the last ten years, including your own children, and you don’t know why the relationships you have with people have changed so much over a decade.  That is what this story gives you.  Very interesting indeed.

This would be a good book for a book club.  There are so many levels of thinking and discussion to be had with it.  Enjoy